Preparing for Change
23 Jul
Preparing for Change Post-Pandemic

Preparing for Change Post-Pandemic   The property industry has seen a lot of change over the last four months; from redefining working life to a growth in digitalisation. The COVID crisis will leave behind a major footprint on the world and we can expect to see...

14 Jul
Changing Demands

Changing demands for building requirements post COVID-19  (B1-C3 use classes) Roy Fairgrieve   How quickly will new housing configurations take hold to suit a COVID environment?   The PRS sector is likely to lead the way in updating current design to meet with tenants’ potential needs and demands. The...

08 Jul
Housing Market: H2 2020

The Housing Market: H2 2020   The latest figures from HM Revenue & Customs show that approximately 48,450 residential properties were sold in May; a c.50% drop from the same period in 2019.   The impact that the UK lockdown has had on the economy means that we...

CN - Catch Up by the Coffee Machine
02 Jul
Catch Up by the Coffee Machine – Chris Newman

    Catch Up by the Coffee Machine – Chris Newman   Chris Newman joined Avamore as Senior Underwriter amidst the COVID-19 lockdown.   We had a virtual catch-up with him to find out how he’s been settling in and what it’s been like joining the company during unprecedented times.   What...

Future Market Landscape
22 Jun
A Snapshot of the Future Market Landscape

A Snapshot of the Future Market Landscape   COVID-19 had resulted in a suspension of activity in much of the market. However, with lockdown restrictions slowly being eased, it is important to consider what a post COVID-19 landscape could look like.   Residential Development Market:   The fundamentals underpinning the...

Preventing Delays
05 Jun
Preventing Delays in the Phase-Out Period following Lockdown

Preventing Delays in the Phase-Out Period following Lockdown:   Since March, many construction companies and developers have either experienced delays or completely halted activity. Whilst restrictions have been eased more recently and many are eager to return to site, it will be more important than ever to...

Future of Homes
20 May
The Future of Homes

The Future of Homes   The evolution and future of homes has been driven by the changing demands of people and the society that they live in. For instance, the nineteenth and early twentieth century included construction of quick and cost-effective properties to accommodate the growing...

Property & Politics - Chris Treadwell
18 Mar
Property & Politics – Chris Treadwell

We sat down with Chris Treadwell, Relationship Manager at Avamore Capital, in this week's Property & Politics to find out what trends he has seen in the bridging and development industry following recent political changes. What changes have you noticed in the industry since Brexit? Both...