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Avamore provides funding for Refurbishment schemes into student accommodation.

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Up to 75%


Up to 75%

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3-18 Months

The current sector-wide supply and demand imbalance within the student housing sector, in Avamore’s eyes, can be rectified by the refurbishment of existing 1st generation PBSA stock along with the repurposing and retrofitting of existing office/commercial stock. Our extensive experience in heavy residential refurbishments and office-to-resi PD conversions means we can offer developers the right support. 

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*BBR added onto the quoted Avamore rate and is fixed upon completion.

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What is there to know about Avamore’s PBSA Product?

The PBSA product is applicable for any residential or commercial refurbishment scheme which results in the creation of residential student accommodation.

Standard pricing is 7% p.a. + BBR. In addition, the maximum day 1 LTV is 75% across light, medium and heavy works. The Planning Flexibility feature allows an additional build facility for enhanced or modified planning. A developer can either have submitted plans or be considering further works in order for a discretionary facility to be included and unlocked only when planning is gained. It can also be used if the developer is waiting for final sign offs on planning and would otherwise have to take an initial bridge loan. 

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Your Journey With Avamore

If you have a Development, Part Complete Development, Refurbishment or Bridging case, you can head to our calculator to find out if the deal fits and, download instant terms to send to your customer.

If your customer is happy to proceed, you can contact the team on terms@avamorecapital.com to request an Enquiry Form and quote you Indicative Terms reference number.

Alternatively, if you’re not too sure about the case details, feel free to give our Internal Relationship Management team a call on 020 4518 0085 and we can discuss the parameters and generate terms for you.

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