Refurbishment Product

Avamore provides funding for light, medium & heavy refurbishment projects.

standard Rate

From 8.5% p.a.





Loan range

£400k – £5M

Term range

3-18 Months

Avamore funds light, medium & heavy refurbishment projects. The parameters are determined by the percentage of works compared to the day 1 market value. Upper limits are 25%, 50% and 50+% for light, medium and heavy respectively. The product is suitable for residential conversions or commercial to residential projects. Under the heavy band, additional storeys and an increase of floor space are permitted.

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What is there to know about Avamore’s refurbihsment Product?

Avamore’s Product is applicable for any development scheme which has a minimum of 1 existing wall being maintained on the project. 

Standard pricing is 8.5% p.a. for light, 8.75% for medium and 9% p.a. for heavy. Maximum day 1 LTV is 70% across light, medium and heavy refurbishments. The type of project is dependant on the percentage of build compared with Day 1 Market Value. The boundaries are 25%, 50% and 50%+ for light, medium and heavy respectively. 

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