Avamore offers funding for Ground Up (new build) development schemes. 

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3-18 Months

Avamore’s Development funding starts from 7.5% p.a. + BBR. It has the in-house expertise to structure the best solution for development transactions. Avamore has funded a range of developments from large single units to smaller residential apartments. Avamore’s product is suitable for schemes across England and Wales.

Avamore can support with site purchases or exit finance through its Bridging product.

*BBR is added onto quoted Avamore Rate and floats throughout the lifetime of the loan. Fixed rates are available upon request.

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Download the Development product guide

What is there to know about Avamore’s development Product?

Avamore’s product is suitable for any developer that has planning permission and is ready to build out their site. Avamore can work with the borrower throughout their entire development journey by supporting the acquisition and exit either side of the build under its Bridging product.

To find out more, take a look at the development finance FAQs

Your Journey With Avamore

If you have a Development, Part Complete Development, Refurbishment or Bridging case, you can head to our calculator to find out if the deal fits and, download instant terms to send to your customer.

If your customer is happy to proceed, you can contact the team on to request an Enquiry Form and quote you Indicative Terms reference number.

Alternatively, if you’re not too sure about the case details, feel free to give our Internal Relationship Management team a call on 020 4518 0085 and we can discuss the parameters and generate terms for you.

To download a copy of our Initial Enquiry Form, please click below.


Initial enquiry checklist

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Download the checklist of items required by the Relationship Managers to make a thorough assessment of your case

HOW can avamore help?

Key information for Avamore transactions

Making a Ground Up Enquiry

If you would like to discuss a ground up project with Avamore, please provide the following information at initial enquiry stage:

This will allow Avamore’s Relationship Managers to determine whether we are able to provide you or your client an indicative offer.

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