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RATE: FROM 7.5% P.A.

Avamore Capital

Part Complete Development Product

RATE: FROM 7.5% P.A.

Avamore Capital


RATE: FROM 7.5% P.A.

Avamore Capital

RATE: FROM 7.5% P.A.


RATE: FROM 7.5% P.A.

Avamore Capital

RATE: FROM 7.5% P.A.

Additional Feature

Purpose built student accomodation

An enhancement to our existing Refurbishment product aimed at projects that include heavy conversions of both residential and commercial properties into student accommodation.

Putting you first

Avamore takes a developer centric approach and continually strives for the best on behalf of its partners.

It is committed to creating a customer experience that makes the process easy, efficient and will always accommodate to the specific circumstances surrounding the transaction. 

A member of the Avamore team is always happy to talk through a case, whether it is a new enquiry or you are looking for an update on your on-going transaction.


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Our Background

We are a principal development and bridging lender with a forward-thinking approach.

Every individual at Avamore is dedicated to providing outstanding service and understands that developer needs are consistently evolving. As such, we were the first ever lender to introduce the Part Complete Development product to the market. This sits alongside our Bridging and Refurbishment loan products. As a team, we will continue to work closely with borrowing and broking partners to remain responsive and dynamic to accommodate future loan product requirements.

We are dedicated to partnerships and building trusting relationships with all of our customers, intermediaries and service providers. As a team we stand for transparency, reliability and predictability and we are committed to delivering outstanding service at competitive prices.

Our team offers relevant and intelligent funding solutions to suit the real time needs of property developers. Therefore, we will always work closely with intermediaries and developers to help them achieve their goals. This is either through traditional products or, by identifying underserved areas of the bridging and development market and delivering innovative solutions that truly work.


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If you have a specific development or bridging case to discuss, you would like to learn more about Avamore’s criteria or have any other general questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch. The team will respond to you as soon as possible.