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Structuring big loans for small property developers and entrepreneurs.

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Simple service for residential bridging


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Straight-forward solutions for commercial bridging


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Quick, efficient and affordable development finance


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Dynamic solutions for unique circumstances



Being a private lender gives us many advantages allowing us to make very quick decisions, provide fast drawdown and offer tailor made structures to meet the requirement of every borrower.

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Risk Adjusted Pricing

Avamore Insights

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    How has your approach changed to accommodate for the evolving market conditions?  The evolving market has meant we work very closely with clients trying to find solutions to deals through innovative structures to make deals happen. This can be through high leverage funding through family......

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    It is well known that the property industry is relatively traditional in its approach to technology but slowly, it is beginning to play a greater role in the development process. From online site searching tools such as LandInsight to clever room scanners like magicplan which......

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    Innovation in uncertain times, the lender approach

     The current scenario Brexit uncertainty consistently remains the overwhelming theme for the UK Property Market. With the announcement of yet another extension to the leave deadline, the conclusion (whatever it may be) which the market should have received on 29th March is still no clearer.......

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