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Structuring big loans for small property developers and entrepreneurs.

“Bespoke financing from a private lender”

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Residential Bridging


Simple service for residential bridging


Commercial Bridging


Straight-forward solutions for commercial bridging


Development Finance


Quick, efficient and affordable development finance


Bespoke Solutions


Dynamic solutions for unique circumstances



Being a private lender gives us many advantages allowing us to make very quick decisions, provide fast drawdown and offer tailor made structures to meet the requirement of every borrower.

Direct Access to Decision Makers

Common Sense Approach


Risk Adjusted Pricing

Avamore Insights

  • lender broker another perspective
    Lender to Broker: Another perspective

    Gary Ellis has been speaking to us about his unique perspective on broking. With a background in lending Gary has more recently changed his focus and now works as a broker at Positive Commercial Finance. We conducted a Q&A with Gary to find out how......

  • presenting your goals
    Presenting your deals

    Presenting lending opportunities can sometimes be challenging due to the complex nature of the property market and it is very important for brokers and borrowers to understand what to include in their deal summary. Furthermore, due to a lender’s size, structure, management team, processes, source......

  • avamore capital 2018
    Avamore team 2018 wrap-up

    2018 was a successful year for the Avamore team. Employee numbers increased and notable highlights included securing new funding lines in June 2018 enabling us to lower our rates and, subsequently closing our largest deal in Q3. The Avamore team are thinking about what 2019......

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