Relationship focused property lending


Structuring big loans for small property developers and entrepreneurs.

Avamore Offers 3 Core Products

(Part Complete Schemes)
RATE: (from) 7.0% p.a.
LTGDV: 67.5%

RATE: 6.5% p.a. (fixed)

LTGDV: 65%

LTC: 90%

(Developer Exit)

RATE: 6.5% p.a. (fixed)

LTV: 70%

Avamore has 3 further Sub Products



Being a private lender gives us many advantages allowing us to make very quick decisions, provide fast drawdown and offer tailor made structures to meet the requirement of every borrower.

Direct Access to Decision Makers

Common Sense Approach


Risk Adjusted Pricing

Avamore Insights

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