Avamore provides finance to those looking for the flexibility of a bridge but with the certainty of a longer term.

Monthly Rate*


Annual Rate*




Stress testing


Loan range

£1m – £10m

Term range

3-24 Months

option to extend for further 12 months at month 24

In a challenging market, Avamore supports borrowers by offering them greater flexibility to fit with changing circumstances.

In a period of rising interest rates, developers with larger portfolios are facing obstacles when re-financing their current facility or when they are looking to release equity. Flexi-Term offers the ability to do both with a loan term of 24 months, and the option to extend for a further year. Flexi Term is also provided with no ERC’s which enables the client to sell the properties or part of the portfolio during the term.

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What is there to know about Avamore’s flexi-term Product?

Avamore’s product is suitable when buy-to-let finance is not available, or the borrower requires equity release for future property purchases. It can also be used if the borrower is unsure if they are going to sell or refinance some/all of their portfolio within the next 24 months.

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