Innovation and Uncertainty

01 May
The Kohab concept

Justin Shee is CEO & Founder of The Kohab, a co-living development business with a 21st century twist. He and his team have crafted a unique concept which promotes affordable living and also addresses issues of loneliness in elderly people. The Kohab is undoubtedly a game-changing model...

24 Apr
In conversation with LDNFinance

As part of our innovation in uncertain times series, we sat down with Anthony Rose, Director of LDNFinance to learn how the team's approach has changed and evolved to withstand the Brexit uncertainty. Take a look at what he had to say in our Q&A:   How...

18 Apr
Controlling the build: Benefits of modular construction

It is well known that the property industry is relatively traditional in its approach to technology but slowly, it is beginning to play a greater role in the development process. From online site searching tools such as LandInsight to clever room scanners like magicplan which...

Innovation during Uncertainty
15 Apr
Innovation in uncertain times, the lender approach

Innovation in Uncertain Times - The Lender Approach  The current scenario Firstly, Brexit uncertainty consistently remains the overwhelming theme for the UK Property Market. With the announcement of yet another extension to the leave deadline, the conclusion (whatever it may be) which the market should have received...