The importance of being a visionary

I see it again, it’s not the first time and it won’t be the last. A beautiful property in a great location for sale. The price is reasonable, so I click on the pictures and I am struck by surprise. The rooms are tiny with no reasonable storage space or the carpet looks dark and uninviting. 10 seconds in, looking at the pictures of a house which a developer is looking to sell, I have lost interest. I swipe through the pictures, but my mind is already set, I don’t like it. So I move on to the next one.

This is what I tell my clients when they ask me what I can do for them. Whilst a developer is great at pulling an entire project together, organising so many different people to varying timeframes, it is sometimes difficult to be a visionary and consider the final touches which will sway the needs of your future buyer. Whether you are working on an HMO and are limited on space or, you are building a beautiful family home with huge amounts of room, it’s so important to put yourself in the shoes of your future buyer. Yes, you’ve put the structure together and made sure that the basic needs are covered, but interiors can be a real game changer, poorly thought out and you’ll find that you lose out on a sale but carefully considered and it can make people realise that they need something before they’ve even considered it.


Together with the clients I walk through the house and ask them to map out who they envisage living in the house. Is it a large family or is it a young couple? Then, it is important to consider the challenges some of them may face. Will it be lack of storage, or that the space isn’t very flexible? When we’ve established what some of the potential pitfalls of the property are, I take the measurements I need and I start planning. Some things are easier than others, but sometimes I might suggest opening up a wall between two different rooms so the space feels more welcoming.

Maybe install a cloakroom downstairs or make space for a utility-room. In instances like this, it’s good to employ a visionary early on in your project so you don’t find that you need to make big changes at the end in order to secure a sale. Yes, you have worked hard on the property but in being so absorbed in what you are doing, it’s easy to overlook things. For a future buyer however, it is important to know that their lives will fit into that specific place.

Perfection in Planning

To invest a bit of thought into the interiors makes your property feel more personable and so it naturally stands out from the crowd. Installing little quirks that the normal developer wouldn’t even consider puts you way ahead of your competitors. By considering these factors early on you can avoid having the property on the market for a longer period of time and maybe even having to go down in price. I firmly believe that the intricacies of the interiors are just as important as the foundations of your property.

My name is Pip and I am the owner of PIP Home, short for Perfection in Planning. I am here to help you plan your project so that you don’t have to think about making sure that your property is functioning. If you are interested, please contact me on: or visit my Instagram pip_home_uk.


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