PropTech Series

Magicplan Training Video 

We have been examining how PropTech is changing our industry. Take a look at this magicplan tutorial. magicplan is the go-to mobile tool for every developer helping to determine the cost of their project. Particularly useful for small scale developers, it helps the user truly understand the space they are working in, along with the cost and feasibility of alterations and additions.

Houseprice.AI Insights


We have teamed up with Houseprice.AI to deliver an overview of this intuitive app, a smart web-based tool which helps a property developer determine and predict the value of their potential and current projects based on surrounding factors, in real time. Eldred Buck, CEO of Houseprie.AI, talks you through the highlights.

Avamore on Proptech: featuring Sam Zawadzki 


This Video From Avamore Capital In Conjunction With Property Technology Delves Into The Fundamental Problems Impacting The Property Market In Our Current Climate. A Must See For Property Developers, Estate Agents And Realtors. 


Through the broadcast, Michael and Sam explore how advances in technology are shaping lending in the present and how companies like Purple Bricks have gone from being completely unknown to worth over £1.2bn in 5 years by utilising these advancements. Listen to this short video to understand the innovative technology being developed in your industry.

Avamore Capital LIVE with Property Technology Founder Sam Zawadzki PART 2

A video with Property Technology Founder Sam Zawadzki. A must-see for property developers and estate agents and realtors.

Talking Learning and Development with PropertyTechnology

Principal of Avamore Capital, Michael Dean talking learning and development with Property Technology founder Sam Zawadzki.