The Avamore team follows a strict process with each and every transaction to ensure that deals complete as quickly as possible. 

Therefore, the team will always work closely with borrowers and brokers to understand any specific time constraints or circumstances to deliver the best results.

If you have a case which you would like to discuss get in touch and with us.

“They ensured the deal process was smooth and efficient, providing a hands-on approach from all those involved. Our client was delighted with the result.”

Dave Fathers

FinSpace Group

Working with Avamore
From Start To finish

Avamore has worked hard to build a smooth process from initial enquiry to completion
and then from completion to redemption. We aim to be as transparent as possible around
what is required at each stage so that we are able to meet timeframes and exceed

Your Journey With Avamore

At initial enquiry, we require a high level overview of the deal in order to determine whether it is feasible for Avamore to support on the case. Basic points which we assess in order to give you a quick response are as follows:

  • Full address
  • Current value & gross development value
  • Loan amount & term
  • Build costs
  • General deal description

Click below to download a more thorough overview.

Initial enquiry checklist

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Download the checklist of items required by the Relationship Managers to make a thorough assessment of your case

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If you have a specific development or bridging case to discuss, you would like to learn more about Avamore’s criteria or have any other general questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch. The team will respond to you as soon as possible.