Reading, £2.2m, Finish & Exit Scheme

Reading, £2.2m, Finish & Exit Scheme

Loan Name Gross loan Loan Type Scheduled Term LTV/LTGDV Annual Rate


Finish & Exit 6 months 70.8% 8.5% p.a.

The scheme is comprises of a part-complete development of 4x 4-bed semi-detached houses arranged in two pairs.


The property has well-sized units which are expected to be completed to a high specification. Upon completion, the units are likely to appeal to young professionals due to its ideal location. The property is located 1-minutes walk from Pangbourne Station, allowing a convenient commute to surrounding areas such as London, Oxford and Reading.

“As always, it’s a pleasure to work with Nikolay Petkov who always goes all in for Articulate Capital to get the job done. Nikolay has many fine qualities, including those of leadership, and always knows what qualities to call on in any given situation. We have now completed many transactions with Avamore Capital and look forward to executing many more in the future with the firm”

Daniel Broadhead, Articulate Finance

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