Our Values & Principles

Our Core Values


  • Professionalism: Always act in a professional manner. The level of our professionalism is a measure of our reliability.
  • Commitment to innovation: Innovations from financial and technical perspective is one of the key factors for long term success.
  • Leadership: Every member of Avamore team thinks and acts like a leader.
  • Fearlessness: We are never afraid to challenge ourselves. There is no deal too big or difficult enough for our team.
  • Equality and Fairness: Avamore Capital is an equal opportunities employer. We treat everyone with respect regardless of race, sex, sexual orientation or religion.
  • Work with the best: Avamore Capital seeks to work with the best people and partners in the business.

Our Principles

Revolutionary property lender

Avamore Capital is a revolutionary principal short term property lender providing solutions for property developers, investors and other property entrepreneurs.

We stand for innovation

We stand for innovation, first class service hard work and commitment to our partners in order to grow their businesses and to deliver positive changes in the built environment.

Our employees - our biggest asset

Our employees are our biggest asset and we want to create an environment which fosters entrepreneurship, leadership innovation and partner focused activity.

Affordable finance

We believe in access to affordable finance for all property entrepreneurs. Our areas of operations are London, The Home Counties, Cambridge, Oxford and Bristol.