Other Series

Progression in Relationship Management with Avamore Capital: Chloe Stidston Lewis

Chloe has been with Avamore Capital for just over four weeks now- we caught up with her to see how this past month went!

How to Obtain Development Finance – Michael Dean, Nick Petkov

Avamore Co-Founders Michael Dean and Nikolay Petkov discuss the process of how to obtain development finance, some of the pitfalls and how to avoid them.

Talking Learning and Development with PropertyTechnology

Principal of Avamore Capital, Michael Dean talking learning and development with Property Technology founder Sam Zawadzki.


Bridging and Development Loans in UK – FP SHOW

Our very own company principal, Michael Dean, talks about the need for absolute clarity when lending in the property market.

Avamore Capital at the FP Show 10.2016

Avamore Capital exhibiting at the FP Show in November 2016. We offer bridging and development loans to all types of property entrepreneurs.