My first 6 weeks at Avamore

I joined Avamore in early March. I think it is safe to say that I ‘hit the ground running’ from the very first day. Within my first weeks, I closed my first deal and being the newbie of the company very quickly became a distant memory.

What were your first impressions of Avamore? 

The biggest thing that struck me about Avamore as soon as I joined was the collaborative atmosphere in the company. There is a flat structure in the team along with mutual respect that everyone has a role fundamental to the success of the business. Working closely alongside the Principals has been hugely beneficial in my first few weeks. Having the opportunity to discuss transactions with key decision-makers in an open forum is great! It is such a good quality to have in a company.
Since joining, I have also been surprised about the deal flow. It really has been non-stop, and we see a huge number of transactions cross our desks. It is funny that the market often talks about the concerns around Brexit uncertainty. Here at Avamore (and I imagine at lots of other businesses) the deal flow remains strong. I have seen, it is the approach to transactions which has changed.
One reason for this volume of work at Avamore may be due to the introduction of its Finish & Exit product. The first deal I closed fell into this bracket and it provided an early opportunity to work on a transaction driven heavily by the current market dynamic. Our Finish & Exit offering is unique and since joining I have realised that it works well here because the whole team is experienced in both bridging and development lending. The product sits in an unusual middle ground. So. it is crucial that the team understands the additional layers and complexities inherent with this type of transaction.

What do you see your future at Avamore looking like? 

Over the coming weeks, I expect that there will be more Finish & Exit transactions along with deals which fall into the rest of the Avamore product range and I am particularly looking forward to getting out into the market, meeting some of our third-party providers and building much closer relationships. It has certainly been an eventful start at Avamore. I am very much looking forward to being part of the continued growth and success of the business. 


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