Magicplan: The essential companion for every development project

Whilst working as a property developer is highly rewarding, we all know that at times, it can be incredibly expensive. From huge build costs to those last-minute additions, every developer knows that finances stack up, fast.

magicplan is the go-to mobile tool for every developer helping to determine the cost of their project. Particularly useful for small scale developers, it helps the user truly understand the space they are working in, along with the cost and feasibility of alterations and additions.

It is a one stop solution for any property developer seeking to be accurate, efficient and most importantly budget conscious. Don’t take our word for it, read about magicplan’s key mobile features and don’t forget to test it out for yourself, the app is free to download on mobile and tablet. 

Below are the key questions and features on magicplan:

1. It’s already proven itself to be an invaluable tool for property developers

magicplan is used by the thousands of dependents which rely on the app. Andreas Böhm, CEO of magicplan commented: “Our users map the equivalent of a small town every day“.

2. Who will benefit most from magicplan?

magicplan is useful for anyone working in real estate, from homeowners to contractors, the app is quick and accurate. Most importantly, the tool is hugely beneficial for less experienced developers who may find it more difficult to price up their project.

3. What exactly does magicplan do?

magicplan uses augmented reality (AR) with your device´s camera to show you the plan as you create it.

4. How can the user create floor plans?

It’s easy, and something that you can genuinely do with the click of a button. As a developer, you choose an unobstructed, well-lit corner, aim at it and pin it. Then, you repeat the same steps for all corners of the room, add in doors and windows, after which you can execute the same process across the whole site and create a full floor plan. 

5. magicplan mirrors your space

Once your floor plan is captured, you can simply tap to insert objects such as staircases, decks, furniture, electrical details, and whatever else you want to capture and share. The user can virtually rearrange furniture by adding chairs, sofas and more to your space and entering their actual dimensions. Then you can drag and drop that furniture to see if it fits in the space before you purchase and install it. 

6. magicplan genuinely helps the user save money

The app can add in material costs for your renovation to gage expenditure levels. There is an easy to use estimates tab which lets you switch between plan and predictions. It allows you to add jobs and material to each room so that the cost is worked out fast and effectively. 

7. magicplan hosts additional notes and development literature

magicplan allows you to attach notes and images so the user can host each part of the development as its own project on the app.

8. magicplan is shareable and useable

Export your plan for other magicplan users to manipulate, or save it as an image, PDF, or web-based image viewable by web link.

9. magicplan is accessible

magicplan is free to download and use on your device. But some objects and export data are locked. While your subscription is active enjoy an unlimited usage for $9.99/month.


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