Learning & Development Series

Learning and Development: Granting a Short Term Loan


Avamore Capital have collaborated with Teacher Stern to bring you six weeks of videos delving into every aspect of property development and loan processes. Episode one focuses on the overview of the legal process in granting a short term loan. 

Learning and Development Episode Two: Next Steps

Granting a short-term loan next steps. Following on from the previous video, we delve into more detail in regards to the how you can be granted a short term loan.

Learning and Development Episode Three: Facilitating Completion

Episode three of Avamore’s “Learning and Development” series moves forward through the stages of a development and focuses on what you need to do to facilitate completion and further move towards the final stages.

Learning and Development Episode Four: Loan Documents Explained (Part 1)

Episode 4 of Avamore Capital’s “Learning and Development” series focuses on all the information contained in your loan documents and how you go about navigating them.

Learning and Development Episode Five: Loan Documents Explained (Part 2)

Part two of ‘Loan Documents Explained’ follows on from our previous episode, further examining your loan documents and how to make sense of them.