Introducing Houseprice.AI: The must have tool for every developer

Houseprice.AI is a smart web-based tool which helps a property developer determine and predict the value of their potential and current projects based on surrounding factors, in real time.

Running through machine learning, the clever system allows the users to hone in on specific plots, buildings and areas to understand the true value of a project. Take a look at the top 10 features of Houseprice.AI and watch out for the upcoming demo video. 

1. Sharp and intuitive valuation accuracy

Houseprice.AI produces accurate property valuations both in the present time and can offer future predictions.  Valuations are based on objective measurable values, creating a fact-based result as opposed to a subjective one. But how…?

2. Suitable for a single project and helps the developer scale up

Houseprice.AI validates the market value price based on surrounding factors including land price, amenities and water supply. It also helps determine feasible KPIs based on build cost, exit cost and genuine profitability.

3. Generation of in-depth analysis

Houseprice.AI can support and improve your business through the entire housing cycle. From planning to sale, developers will be able to predict the outcome and feasibility of projects. The tool enables the developer to determine the likelihood of a planning application being approved and considers factors such as the deliverability of electricity, transport and waste management in initial stages. It produces detailed reports and is truly a one-stop shop for any development project.

4. Allows dynamic interaction with key figures for increased sophistication of input

The tool allows the user to adjust, add and remove factors within the surrounding areas to determine how external changes will affect property prices. This can include anything from the opening of a new school or supermarket to the addition of a garage on an existing property. The calculator allows the user to vary metrics to understand how it would change the cost of a site.

5. Benefits from built-in self-learning to provide the basis of regular valuation updates

Houseprice.AI refreshes all data relevant to the property. It constantly retrains on the latest data, identifying trends and changes at the most granular levels, therefore, keeping the user constantly informed and able measure impact on development values.

6. Incorporates very site-specific issues

The Houseprice.AI model is adaptive and there is the potential for additional valuation impacting factors to be incorporated. This can include air pollution, former public ownership and crime stats.

7. Suitable for integration with other analysis tools

Further analysis on risk and cash flow can be incorporated by exporting information valuation into proprietary tools. Data can be exported into a standard CSV format which allows integration to most other platforms.

8. Helps you keep your finger on the pulse with customised reports

The data collated through Houseprice.AI helps the developer pull accurate and real time reports in order to keep stakeholders and contributors engaged and informed. This includes anything from changes within the area to more general market shifts.

9. Easy to use with an intuitive user experience

Don’t take our word for it, try Houseprice.AI for free to see for yourself or speak directly to Avamore to learn more.

10. Saves users money when compared with existing methods, processes or techniques

Use of Houseprice.AI means that even simple valuation reports which can take several days compiling and assessing information with high costs can be produced more efficiently. Houseprice.AI can accomplish a complex valuation process within minutes and the cost is dramatically lower.


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