8 Promises We Aim To Keep

We strongly cherish our business relationships with our intermediary partners. Our business model encourages us to establish such relationships with property finance professionals. We understand this is the lifeblood of our business.

Here are a few promises we aim to keep:


We want to keep you incentivised, so we will always aim to pay you at least 1% from the arrangement fee, in addition to whatever you are paid directly by the borrower.


We will always try to be flexible and find a way to structure your client’s deal, even if it is outside our usual parameters.


You can be certain that subject to due diligence, that if we agree a deal, we will perform.


We will always be competitive on price with our peers in the market. We have no set return requirements and can adjust our pricing to reflect the risk of a deal.


We will respond to your enquiry within 2 working hours of first enquiry and issue a termsheet by close of business that same day if required. If for any reason we can’t do a deal, you can be sure we’ll let you know this quickly.


We can draw down in as little as a week or less. We have done it before and will do it again – they are often our favourite deals


You can be assured that your clients will get a best in class level of service.


We will always try to find a way to help your client raise the money they need even if the leverage is above our threshold.