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42% of tenants consider green credentials of a building before renting


Martin Greenland, Wednesday 25th April 2018


Avamore examine how likely developers are to consider green elements of their builds. Whilst people are becoming increasingly more conscious of eco-friendly properties, Principal, Michael Dean comments that developer are motivated by profit more than anything else.

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Industry reacts to slow UK economic growth


Tom Belger, Bridging & Commercial Thursday 3rd May 2018


We examine whether the recent slowdown in the UK’s economic growth is likely to impact the commercial finance market. Avamore Principal comments that many lenders will adopt a degree of ‘wilful blindness’ in an attempt to accelerate the market. Read the piece to get all of the responses.

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Unlikely to be much appetite currently’ for100% retail schemes



Tom Belger, Bridging & Commercial Tuesday 8th May 2018


Avamore Capital reflects on how retail schemes have been declining for a number of years. Read the full piece to find out what others have to say about this downward turn in the sector.

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Annual PROPS Award Lunch raises £345,000 for Variety


Martin Greenland, Monday 14th May 2018


Avamore Capital were proud to be part of this year’s Props Lunch, in support of Variety, the children’s charity. Review this wrap up of the prestigious awards.

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‘Is the bridging market facing a skills crisis?


Tom Belger, Bridging & Commercial Tuesday 17th May 2018


With the number of bridging lenders expressing concerns regarding the current pool of skilled workers, Avamore Capital give their thoughts on whether the sector is facing a skills crisis.

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Development would ‘grind to a halt’ if funding was based on short-term research


Martin Greenland, Monday 28th May 2018


House prices in London fell by 0.7% in March 2018 according to the ONS UK house price index. This is the lowest house price growth since September 2009. Other areas such as the East Midlands however have seen a significant increase in prices year-on-year. This piece examines whether there will be fewer long term projects as a result. Read the piece for industry reactions.

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Some intermediaries ‘may not be aware’ of low bridging rates


Tom Belger, Bridging & Commercial Thursday 31stMay 2018


“Pricing is only one aspect which is considered by a broker when completing a loan and other aspects – such as speed – are key factors”. Avamore comments on whether intermediaries are aware of low bridging rates.

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Industry reacts to Sadiq Khan’s council housing targets


Martin Greenland, Monday 4th June 2018


Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan announced plans to introduce 10,000 new council homes over the next four years. Avamore Capital Principal, Zuhair Mirza commented that the dynamics in the private market are largely disconnected to social housing initiatives at this scale. Read the piece to understand the full industry reaction.

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