How To Get Property Funding In 72 Hours

We’ve not been going all that long at Avamore Capital, but an area we have seen a lot of interest from customers has been our ability to draw down a loan really quickly. The reason for that is is because the lending is made on the balance sheet of our Principals’ family offices. No credit committees, no form filling, just quick decisions and hard work from the team to get the job done.

Anyway, enough with the marketing spiel.

This has mean that we have had a quite a few super fast loan requirements pass our door. Unfortunately, however, there is a high attrition rate on these deals. Just today, having agreed terms 24 hours ago, a deal fell out of bed – we had even syndicated part of the loan to one of our lending partners.

So what advice would I give to a borrower who needs money in a hurry (i.e. in less than a week)? I’m going to list about 10 things a borrower needs to prepare to get funded fast below:

1. Have a recent valuation (under 3 months) of a property ready. Preferably from a reputable firm of valuers that a lender will be happy with (C&W, CBRE, Colliers, Allsop, Savills, Montagu Evans etc) at a property valuation that hasn’t been coerced. If there is a development element to the loan, a project monitor report from a solid QS firm.

2. Provide your solicitor with a reasonable amount of money to provide an undertaking to a lender’s solicitor.

3. Ensure your solicitor has prepared a solid and comprehensive, clean and marketable report on title. We had to withdraw from a 48 hour loan due to an easement where it shouldn’t be (and was an uninsurable issue)

4. Ensure any required title insurances have been procured in advance (e.g. chancel)

5. Have an up to date set of searches.

6. Be realistic about the amount you want to borrow – you are unlikely to break world records on LTV here. You should also expect to provide a personal guarantee

7. Expect to pay a hefty commitment fee – your lender is going to be moving mountains to get the loan closed, don’t think you can go shopping around for a better deal unless you’ve already made a serious financial commitment to your lender.

8. Expect a premium on pricing & fees – due diligence is being carried out in a shorter timeframe than a lender would usually carry it out, which is inherently risky.

9. Ensure your KYC/AML documents are clean and clear. This should be self-exlanatory.

10. Full background information on the borrower and guarantors will be required (CV, A&L statement). You should also be able to demonstrate none of the borrowers are insolvent, in administration or bankrupt. A lender cannot lend to a person or company in bankruptcy.

That pretty much covers it. If you have a loan requirement that ticks these boxes, please email me at and we might be able to lend to you in 48-72 hours of agreeing terms.


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