Ground Up Finance

What is Ground Up Finance?


Ground up finance is a longer term lending solution. It is particularly useful when funding for works to a property are being sought.


How can Avamore help?


Please see below a full rate card for ground up finance, get in touch if you’d like to discuss anything further:

Item Number*
Price (Minimum pricing) 0.67% p.m. (8% p.a.)
Max Loan Size £1.5m
Max LTGDV 65%
Max Day 1 LTV 70%
Max LTC 90%
Max Loan Term 18 months
Borrower Type Limited companies and incorporated partnership
Type of Scheme Residential or mixed use (up to 25% commercial by value)
Arrangement Fee 2.0% (Including 1% introducer fee)
Exit Fee 3-6 months: 0%

6+ months: 1%

Location Southern & Central England with a northern boundary of Greater Manchester, Leeds, York & Harrogate


*All rates are subject to situational review

Next steps


To discuss next steps, please call us on +44 (0) 203 440 9651 or, send us an email on If you are ready to check whether your case qualifies, please email us the following information:


  • Description of project and completed units
  • Location
  • Developer experience


When do you use development finance with Avamore?


  • Refurbishing and / or extending an existing property
  • Ground up development of a site
  • Converting an existing property to residential units or a mixed-use scheme



Avamore’s experience


We have issued a number of development loans, review our case studies and find out how we have helped clients previously.

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