Sourcing & Selling Series

matthew dabbel
07 Sep
Estate Agent Insights

We caught up with Matthew Dabell, Managing Director at Aspire Estate Agents. Matthew has over 30 years’ experience in the property industry and has dealt with a number of developers throughout his time. He is well placed to comment on how a developer can prepare...

07 Sep
Considering your Cashflow

One of the biggest factors in ensuring that your project reaches a successful completion is to have a strong finance plan in place. Unfortunately, if you run out of money, your project will grind to a halt and inevitability you will start to incur more...

07 Sep
Mitigating Risks on a Development Project

Before approaching a development, it is important to consider which factors need to be considered to ensure that the project will see a successful completion. Take a look at some of the key factors selected by Stuart Sherwood, Associate and Head of Development Monitoring at...

daniel hillman bathroom
30 Aug
‘Making it to the Market’ by Hillnic

Contribution by Daniel Hillman, Managing Director and Jemma Kirton, Marketing Manager How do you make sure that you build a good exit strategy? We try to create as many exit options as possible at the initial appraisal stage i.e.: selling with planning consent if it doesn’t currently...

top tips for development property sale
30 Aug
Three top tips for selling development properties

You've done the hard work of financing, planning permission, building and getting your completion certification, don't let yourself down by doing a bad job of marketing and selling your developments. Here are three top tips to make sure you get the best price possible. 1. Make...

james fox
30 Aug
Sourcing your Site: A Developer’s Response

As part of our site sourcing series, we spoke to one of our valued developers, James Fox. James is an experienced developer and has learnt a great deal along the way about how to prepare for a project and what to look out for when...

landinsight logo
15 Aug
Identifying Land Opportunities

As part of our site sourcing series we caught up with Matthew Firmston-Williams, Business Development Manager at LandInsight. Matthew’s background has always been in real estate and he is all too familiar with the laborious nature of land sourcing. Having used more traditional methods, Matthew...

being best buyer
13 Aug
Being the Best Buyer

Working out how to be a good buyer can be tricky. There are some difficult situations to navigate and often, it can feel like you aren’t completely in control. So how do you set yourself up for success and ensure that you are a ‘good...

estate office
09 Aug
Preparing Projects for Success

Sourcing your development site can be daunting and overwhelming. It sometimes feels like an endless journey with potential for so many bumps and hidden pitfalls along the way. What’s more, it can seem almost impossible to know where to start with an insurmountable number of...

deeper investigation sourcing site
02 Aug
Sourcing your Site: A Deeper Investigation

Our ‘sourcing and selling’ series is ready for its second instalment. We started off by looking at the basics around how you source a site, now, we are ready to dive a little deeper and look at some of the more niche options for site...