Interior Design Series

interiors of development
10 Oct
A developer’s perspective: The importance of interiors

Justin Laurence is an experienced property developer with great attention to detail. For him, the interiors are as important as any other part of the project. Justin is currently working on two stunning family homes in Chislehurst and he’s sharing his thoughts and experience on...

whistle stop
26 Sep
A whistle stop tour

Jane Robinson: Interior Edit Sneaking a peak inside beautifully decorated homes is my favourite way of finding interiors inspiration.  So, when I was asked to write about some of my favourite, interesting and unusual properties in London  to coincide with Open House weekend, I jumped at...

style for profit
26 Sep
Styling for Profit

We have teamed up with Karolina Adamczyk, MD at Ademchic Ltd as part of our interior design series. Karolina’s team help property developers make properties stand out and be more desirable in the sales process. Today, we have asked Karolina for her top 3 tips that...

18 Sep
An expert’s insight

Firstly, how do I budget for interiors? This depends very much on the overall build cost, the size and location of the property and ultimately, who we perceive to be our target audience. For example, our project in the St Paul's area of Bristol is a...

18 Sep
Securing your storage strategy

Storage is my speciality. It might sound strange but there is so much more to storage than a simple wardrobe in the corner of a room. As the property market gets increasingly competitive, it’s important to find ways for your developments to stand out. One...

17 Sep
The importance of being a visionary

I see it again, it’s not the first time and it won’t be the last. A beautiful property in a great location for sale. The price is reasonable, so I click on the pictures and I am struck by surprise. The rooms are tiny with...

10 seconds to impress prospective buyer
14 Sep
10 seconds – that’s all you have to impress a prospective buyer!

Typically, a buyer makes their mind up about a property within 10 seconds of walking through the door. Their first opinion is formed as they pull up outside, which doesn’t leave much time for error! For developers, the challenge comes alongside an eagerness to sell,...