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29 Oct
Mitigating delays

The two biggest causes of delay and unexpected costs are the weather and mismanagement. Whilst the weather is out of your control (although this could be a consideration for the start date of your project), mismanagement is something that can be mitigated to a greater...

29 Oct
Fixing your foundations

Getting the first steps right and taking great care of what goes underneath your structure is crucial to the overall success of your project. By sight, it may seem that you have fairly solid and stable ground to build on, but it is the closer...

22 Oct
Preparing for the unexpected

It is inherently difficult to plan concisely how a development project will evolve; this is because of the many different factors which affect the process from the first day to the last. During the planning stages, understanding where potential problems/costs/time delays could come from is essential. Below...

21 Oct
The importance of your project monitor

A Project Monitor is essential in any development. They monitor the scheme and report on any potential issue that could affect the project, whether this is in regard to cost, programme or statutory issues. Effective communication with all contributing parties to identify any potential problems...