25 Oct
Catch Up by the Coffee Machine – Dyan Letts

Dyan Letts is the latest addition to the Avamore Capital Underwriting Team and has been working alongside Amit Majithia and Philip Gould for the past three weeks. Roshini, from the Avamore Marketing team, conducted this Catch Up by the Coffee Machine feature with Dyan Letts to...

11 Apr
My first 6 weeks at Avamore

I joined Avamore in early March. I think it is safe to say that I ‘hit the ground running’ from the very first day. Within my first weeks, I closed my first deal and being the newbie of the company very quickly became a distant...

land owner developer
25 Mar
The land owner, the developer and the potential shift in power

The Landowner, the Developer and the Potential Shift in Power Headlines: Brexit uncertainty is driving down GDVs, pushing up build costs and causing developers to increase profit margins A combination of these factors contributes to softening land values Whilst land agents have reported some downwards pressure,...

15 Mar
Combatting the social disconnect

Clearly, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is becoming increasingly ingrained in corporate culture. As profit generating organisations, we have a duty to help those in less fortunate positions to us. We interact with each other at work and speak to people in other businesses which can...

avamore capital 2018 wrap up
20 Dec
Avamore team 2018 wrap-up

2018 was a successful year for the Avamore team. Employee numbers increased and notable highlights included securing new funding lines in June 2018 enabling us to lower our rates and, subsequently closing our largest deal in Q3. The Avamore team are thinking about what 2019...

tony dowie bespoke solutions
17 Jul
Investigating a Bespoke Solution

We have been chatting with Tony Dowie, Co-Founder of Complete Project Development about our bespoke finance solution and his experience of development projects. Tony and his partner Jonathon have delivered projects which range from small urban renovations, basement and loft conversions to extensions and large scale...

17 Jul
The dos and don’ts behind development finance

We have been chatting with Dane Sampson, a Bristol-based developer about his experience over the past few years. Dane has a strong background in development projects and started his journey in 2012. Dane’s portfolio is comprised of a range of refurbishments and developments, now he...

29 Jun
Investigating Residential Bridging

Marwan Field is Co-Founder and CEO at Byoot. His impressive portfolio consists of HMO conversions, extensions and housing developments. Marwan worked with Avamore on a residential bridge last year and now he is sharing his experience with us.   Why have you used a residential bridge? What...

08 Jun
PropTech: A help or hindrance for client service?

Over the past six weeks, we’ve been examining the benefits of PropTech for small scale developers. The positives are vast with technology clearly making processes more efficient and enabling expansion capabilities of the developer. When we spoke with PropTech expert Dan Hughes, he was confident...

22 May
Introducing Houseprice.AI: The must have tool for every developer

Houseprice.AI is a smart web-based tool which helps a property developer determine and predict the value of their potential and current projects based on surrounding factors, in real time. Running through machine learning, the clever system allows the users to hone in on specific plots, buildings...