Catch Up by the Coffee Machine – Jordan Barr

Jordan Barr joined the Avamore team as Office Assistant and Manager in July 2019. With extensive experience in accountancy and administration, Jordan’s role ensures that daily processes at Avamore run as smoothly as possible.
In today’s edition of Catch Up by the Coffee Machine with Jordan Barr, she catches up with Roshini, our Marketing Coordinator, to discuss what she thinks 2020 holds for Avamore and what her favourite things are about working here.

1. If you could change anything about yourself, what would it be?

J: I think I would like to be more of an extrovert in the office. I dance outside of work and I want to be able to channel more of that confidence into my office environment.

2. If you could travel to any country what would it be and why?

J: I have always wanted to visit Asia, Japan especially. They have so many attractions that you can’t find anywhere else – beautiful views, amazing food and Disneyland!


3. Summarise your job in 3 words.

J: I would describe my job as:

Spontaneous: Every day for me is different – from coordinating schedules to planning social events – no day is ever the same.

Helpful: Essentially, my role is to be helpful. By staying on top of things I am able to ensure that internal processes run as efficiently as they can.

Fun: The nature of my job allows me to do so many different things at once which never gets boring!

4. What has Avamore taught you about the property development industry? 

J: I have never worked in the property development industry before so Avamore has taught me a lot. I am constantly learning something new!

5. What do you think 2020 is going to look like for Avamore?

J: There is so much to look forward to for 2020.

After doubling in size since last year, we are looking to expand the team even further. I see this internal growth leading to Avamore surpassing its annual targets for 2020.

6. If you could join another department at Avamore, which would it be and why?

J: I think I would join you and Sabinder in the marketing department. I did an A-level in Media Studies, so I have a good understanding of what engages an audience. Plus, I think marketing is the best department to let me express my creativity.

7. What is the best piece of professional advice you have received?

J: This will sound like such a conventional answer, but communication is always so important! If you are transparent when communicating, it means you are relaying information clearly and that others are able to respond to you effectively. This is the basis of forming any relationship – be it in your professional or personal life – and is a really important skill to have.

8. Fill in the blank: Avamore is …

J: Upcoming – the company is rapidly growing, and I believe it has so much potential to break records through its innovation and exceptional service.

9. What is your favourite thing about the office environment at Avamore?

J: Avamore has a great office environment. Everyone gets along well and is so encouraging; there is help available where and whenever possible.

10.  What do you find most challenging about your role and why?

J: My job requires me to work with the needs of various people, from the rest of the Avamore team to clients. This has the chances of being difficult, especially when planning events, however I strive to exceed expectations and do my utmost best to make sure everyone is happy.

Jordan’s office and organizational expertise make her an essential part of Avamore’s daily processes, and we look forward to seeing her grow alongside the company.
Thank you for reading this Catch Up by the Coffee Machine with Jordan Barr. Stay tuned for our next ‘Catch Up by the Coffee Machine’ very soon or alternatively, visit our articles section to read past editions.


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