Catch Up by the Coffee Machine – Henry Manley-Cooper

Henry Manley-Cooper joined Avamore in 2018 as Transaction Analyst after completing a master’s in real estate finance. Since then, Henry has become Senior Transaction Analyst and now works alongside Ed Blundell and Harry Yates to assess all incoming transactions.
In this Catch Up by the Coffee Machine with Henry Manley-Cooper, he sat down with Marketing Co-ordinator, Roshini Lal, to discuss various questions – from what his resolutions are to what motivated him to pursue a career focused on development finance.

1. What made you want to pursue a career in property funding?

H: After completing my undergraduate degree, I did some work experience with a chartered surveyor where I was able to meet directly with clients. This inspired me to get my MSc in Real Estate Finance and then actively pursue my career in development finance.

2. What three words would you use to describe yourself?

H: The three words I would use to describe myself are:

Confident: I believe I am comfortable and always myself in all situations – from meeting with clients to conducting interviews I am always the same!

Committed: I am dedicated to what I do!

Relaxed: Coinciding with my previous word, I like to be committed whilst adopting a relaxed approach. I think this allows me to say organised and on top of my tasks without stressing myself out unnecessarily.

3. If you could learn something new, what would it be and why?

H: Interesting question! I would like to be able to sing, its such a great talent to have.

4. If you didn’t work in your current role, what would you be doing?

H: Going on from question 3, I would be on stage somewhere, maybe on West End!

5. What does a typical day in the office look like for you?

H: The barebones of what I do daily is the same. It usually starts with sorting through emails and going through new enquiries. With the help of the other analysts, we assess deals prior to our credit meeting with the rest of the Origination team.

The latter half of my day consists of moving deals forwards and working with external service providers before passing transactions onto the Underwriting Team.

6. What advice would you offer somebody applying for your job?

H: It is generic advice, but I think its advice that goes a long way! Be yourself, demonstrate that you are hard-working and if you have relevant work experience, talk about it!

7. What is your favourite thing about working at Avamore?

H: I love the culture here at Avamore. Everyone gets along well and is always happy to help. It is particularly important that in a small team we work as a unit and, as we have grown, this is definitely a value that we have held onto.

Also, the flat structure at Avamore means that we are always in contact with the decision makers. All processes are quick moving as we can get answers right away and this is great!

8. Where do you see Avamore going in 2020?

H: I see Avamore exceeding its targets next year whilst continuing to build strong relationships with brokers and developers.

9. What are your professional resolutions for next year?

H: Of course, I would like to help Avamore reach its targets next year. I would like to do so by working on the efficiency of a deal from enquiry to completion.

10. What has been your favourite professional moment?

H: My favourite moment has definitely been expanding the analyst team! This has increased our efficiency.

Thank you for reading this Catch Up by the Coffee Machine with Henry Manley-Cooper.
Tune in next time for another insight into a member of the Avamore team.
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