Avamore’s spotlight on: Zuhair Mirza!

Zuhair Mirza is one of Avamore Capital’s founding principals and with over 11 years experience working in the finance sector, he is one of the most experienced members of the Avamore Capital team. We caught up with him to understand his perspective of working with Avamore Capital.

I have been with Avamore Capital as a founding Principal since its inception, having previously been an Executive Director at Goldman Sachs. Coming from a large company I was excited to introduce a bespoke professional lender to the market with a focus on developing strong, lasting relationships with introducers and clients. Our goal isn’t to be the biggest amongst our peers but rather a trusted and adept funding partner.

Being in the bridging/development finance business, especially with Avamore Capital is an exciting place to be. I find it dynamic and entrepreneurial, two things that go hand-in-hand together. At Avamore in particular, being so relationship focused means that sometimes we often lend in unusual or complicated situations, which means I’m often looking for innovative solutions – there’s never a dull day at the office! Like the rest of the team, I get a real kick out of completing a loan, especially if we have worked hard to get it over the line.


At Avamore Capital we are fortunate to have a fantastic team, all of whom share the company’s core values and a passion for lending. Team members at Avamore are motivated, proactive and problem solvers -vital skills as our borrowers and introducers rely on us to deliver for them on important transactions. We provide a more bespoke solution for a lot of our brokers and customers, with a member of credit continuing to manage broker and customer cases beyond the initial enquiry stage.

We have found that as many of our cases deal with a degree of complexity or challenge, having a single point of contact with some underwriting clout or decision-making influence at a credit level has resulted in a smoother journey for our customers. Avamore Capital consider ourselves market leaders when it comes to relationship management and commitment to not only growing as a business but also developing our introducers’ and clients’ portfolio at the same time. “Our goal isn’t to be the biggest amongst our peers but rather a trusted and adept funding partner”.

My tasks vary day-to-day from managing relationships with our customers to working on the intricacies of a complicated deal. During a working day, a portion of the senior team convenes for a credit committee. As a smaller lender, Avamore Capital are able to offer faster and more streamlined terms because as well as being part of the credit committee, Principals are also directly involved in origination.

A particular focus for Avamore Capital in the coming months is to be innovative within a market facing particular challenges. The bridging/ development finance industry could potentially see a slower market within the coming months resulting in the same amount (or potentially more) debt capital chasing fewer deals. That dynamic could lead to significant pressure on the lending industry. As a result of our bespoke lending structure, strong relationships and dedicated team members I am confident that Avamore Capital will continue its growth trajectory even when faced with these particular challenges in the coming months.


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