Avamore Reflects, 4 Years On

Avamore Reflects

Avamore reflects on their recent successes. The company was co-founded by Michael and Zuhair in 2015 and they were quickly joined by both Amit and Nikolay. Since then, the business has been on an upward trajectory.
Last month, Avamore celebrated its 4th birthday  and the team have been thinking about some of the key milestones which have led to it be the business it is today. Going from a family office backed lender in 2015 to an institutionally backed lender in 2018, Avamore has experienced major growth which has not been without challenges; however, this growth has given the team a lot to be proud of.
We caught up with members of the team to talk about their personal highlights and got a sense of what being part of Avamore means to them. 

What is your favourite part about working at Avamore?

Andreas Yianni, Relationship Manager: Even before starting at Avamore I was aware of its reputation in the market. My favourite part is working for a well-respected company. Also, it’s great to have the ability to work with an experienced group of Principals. Each one of them brings a unique background and experience to the team.
Sabinder Sandhu, Marketing Manager:Having known the team since 2016 and after joining in-house in early 2018, Avamore has been a brilliant place to develop my career – I am constantly learning.
Nikolay Petkov, Principal: Avamore has accomplished so much within the past 4 years and I am proud to be a part of it. It’s also exceptionally rewarding when other people acknowledge our endeavours. We are honoured to have recieved award nominations from renowned institutions. These acknowledgements include the Estates Gazette, Business Moneyfacts Awards and the Property Awards.

Which Avamore project has been a milestone for you?

Henry Manley-Cooper, Transaction Analyst: My highlight was working on one of the company’s first Finish & Exit projects in Birmingham. Avamore has paved the way for an innovative solution for developers who were running out or had no existing build facility left. We did face a few obstacles. However, through hard work and dedication, we were able to create the solid foundations for a now well-established project. One that is being recognised as a finalist for ‘Specialist Product of the Year 2019’ at the Bridging & Commercial Awards.

What do you like most about the atmosphere in the Avamore office?

Andreas Yianni, Relationship Manager: What I like most about the Avamore office is that different team’s work together to provide an excellent service.
Sabinder Sandhu, Marketing Manager: There is always a trusting environment present in the office. Whenever I have a new idea, there is always someone to listen and help me execute it.
Jordan Barr, Office Manager: I love the collaborative environment at Avamore, everyone is eager to help you when you need it.

If you could highlight a particular moment, what would it be and why?

Amit Majithia, Principal: Our broker roundtable session with Watson Farley & Williams was one of my favourites! We received a lot of feedback that it was an informative and constructive event. It was great to provide brokers with opportunities to ask questions to service providers. Together, they are all fundamental to our deal processes.
Nikolay Petkov, Principal: I agree with Amit, events such as the broker roundtable are highlight worthy because it provides us with an opportunity to connect with brokers in a different way. We are able to hold valuable discussions and learn about various perspectives of the market.
Toran Selim, Asset Management Analyst: Recently we broke our per quarter lending record which was a great moment for the company. We surpassed having lent £30m which has boosted office morale. Given that this is typically a slow quarter for the real estate industry this was monumental. Also, it has helped establish Avamore as a commendable lender.
Avamore has accomplished a great deal over the past 4 years, having expanded to a group of 16 people. With a lot more on the horizon, Avamore reflects on how they are equipped for many successful years to come.


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