About Us

Avamore Capital is a principal bridging and development lender with a forward-thinking approach. We are dedicated to providing outstanding service and understand that developer needs are constantly evolving. As such we were the first ever lender to introduce the Finish & Exit product to the market and will continue to work closely with borrowing and broking partners to remain responsive and dynamic to accommodate future needs.


We are dedicated to partnerships and building trusting relationships with all of our customers, intermediaries and service providers. We stand for transparency, reliability and predictability and are committed to delivering relationship focused property lending at competitive prices.

Avamore Capital has successfully lent over £100m to date. Since launching in 2016, Avamore has secured the backing of two institutional funding lines which has enabled it to introduce a range of market leading products including the Finish & Exit product and a conversion product at 6.5% p.a. These innovative growth areas exist alongside our core offering of:


  • Development Finance (inc. Conversion, Extension & Ground Up)
  • Residential Bridging
  • Commercial Bridging
  • A Bespoke Product


Avamore is backed by a highly experienced team. The four Principals have deep and broad experience in property development, property investment, property finance and property law which allows the credit team to assess each and every case from a range of perspectives. Borrowers and brokers have direct access to the decision-makers and so Avamore can offer genuine speed and exceptional service for each and every one of its partners.

Why Us?

Avamore Capital – specialist bridging and development lender – provides flexible financing solutions for property developers, professionals and entrepreneurs.


With the ability to offer genuine speed through direct access to decision makers, Avamore prides itself on three core strengths:


  • Delivering bespoke loans for small developers


  • Structuring innovative solutions for complex bridging loans


  • Providing outstanding service for clients and partners


Prioritising strong relationship building, the Avamore team consistently surpass expectations working quickly and diligently to finalise transactions, ensuring a seamless borrowing experience.


Our clients and partners appreciate our strong work ethic and we have subsequently become the leading choice for bridging and development finance in the south of England.