About Us

Avamore Capital are a specialist bridging and development lender servicing London, Home Counties, Bristol, Bath, Cambridge and Oxford.


The company has been established as an investment vehicle of two family offices which specialise in providing bespoke finance solutions to small scale property developers and entrepreneurs.


The nature of the company’s funding and the structure have allowed Avamore to be incredibly flexible and quick when it comes to decision making, setting the company apart from many other alternative finance providers.

Our experienced team of Principals have backgrounds in private equity, investment banking and real estate which mean that they truly understand the needs of property developers and entrepreneurs.


Our lending strategy is very much based on timing, an understanding of the underlying asset and individuals behind the project, very rigorous due diligence and the opportunity to be dynamic due to the nature of our products.


“I’m not sure many other lenders would have been as accommodation, flexible or fast” – Gary Ellis, Positive Commercial Finance

Why Us?

Avamore Capital – specialist bridging and development lender – provides flexible financing solutions for property developers, professionals and entrepreneurs.


With the ability to offer genuine speed through direct access to decision makers, Avamore prides itself on three core strengths:


  • Delivering bespoke loans for small developers


  • Structuring innovative solutions for complex bridging loans


  • Providing outstanding service for clients and partners


Prioritising strong relationship building, the Avamore team consistently surpass expectations working quickly and diligently to finalise transactions, ensuring a seamless borrowing experience.


Our clients and partners appreciate our strong work ethic and we have subsequently become the leading choice for bridging and development finance in the south of England.