A Response: Is PropTech Paving the Way for Small Developers?

Daniel Hillman, Managing Director of Hillnic, provides a response to our piece on whether PropTech is paving the way for small developers and shares his views on how it is changing his experience as a property developer.

Read Daniel’s thoughts:

In an industry where change has traditionally been frowned upon and takes longer to ripple through in comparison to other sectors, PropTech is a fantastic opportunity for efficient and accurate collaboration between real estate professionals.

As a small but driven company who are open to trying new technology to propel our business, we use software such as Barbour ABI or Land Insight. Land insight has been invaluable to Hillnic through its packaging of data from multiple data sources making it a one-stop shop for information relating to specific sites. Our efficiency has increased two-fold and we have been able to progress and make well-informed business decisions.

That being said, for technology to make waves and to survive in our industry, it needs to be made accessible and be accepted by each profession, save us time and maintain the highest level of accuracy.

Daniel Hillman, Managing Director, Hillnic


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