A developer’s perspective: The importance of interiors

Justin Laurence is an experienced property developer with great attention to detail. For him, the interiors are as important as any other part of the project. Justin is currently working on two stunning family homes in Chislehurst and he’s sharing his thoughts and experience on how the finishing touches make a project truly brilliant.

Here is what Justin had to say

what justing had to sayThe interiors of my developments are hugely important, whilst for some it may feel like something that needs to be thought about towards the end of the project, for me, it’s integral to plan these finer details early on. I have almost always decided a style before we do the groundwork and that means that each aspect of the project is carefully considered. By doing this, I am trying to produce something bespoke which has few high-quality competitors in the market. Each tiny detail is as important as the next and I try and make sure that this runs throughout the entirety of my project.

For me, one of the biggest lessons I have learnt is realising how important colour is and in my early days, by the time these decisions needed to be made, I was exhausted and not so committed to making the right choice. Now I feel that this is actually one of the most important aspects, colour gives the opportunity to show off all of the small details, if done correctly.

Finding the right interior is a very difficult task

There are so many problems that you come up against, not knowing who your future buyer is can definitely be one of the problems and not understanding current trends can be more detrimental than you’d think. My number one tip is that it’s so important to not make anything too personal. You can be completely invested in a project but you can’t finish every development how you would expect to finish your own home. What you like may not suit someone else which is why working with a designer can be hugely beneficial. I always think that the middle of the road is a safe bet and the more effort that is made to achieve this can prove massively beneficial when it comes to value. A good interior design can add thousands of pounds to a development and by failing to consider the interiors correctly, it can also have the opposite effect.

My favourite features are really difficult to pick. The floor to ceiling box sash window is crucial to the overall style and feel of the house particularly alongside the 3m ceilings which give the whole home an ornate atmosphere. The intricate coving I have gone for has also added a new dimension to the rooms and was a small cost compared to regular and more basic coving. Finally, I have worked hard to source and modify some of the furniture so the bespoke joinery in the house is definitely a highlight for me. Believe it or not, but it is these tiny details that really impact the profitability of the house.

The greatest lesson is that every inch of the house needs to be thoroughly thought through and to pull off a bespoke product, it all needs to begin at the drawing stage. It’s a difficult balance to strike, making something look spectacular, without incorporating any personal touches, but that’s the biggest challenge to overcome.


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