November 2019

Catch Up by the Coffee Machine
22 Nov
Catch Up by the Coffee Machine – Henry Manley-Cooper

Henry Manley-Cooper joined Avamore in 2018 as Transaction Analyst after completing a master’s in real estate finance. Since then, Henry has become Senior Transaction Analyst and now works alongside Ed Blundell and Harry Yates to assess all incoming transactions. In this Catch Up by the Coffee...

08 Nov
Catch Up by the Coffee Machine – Chris Treadwell

Chris Treadwell first joined the Avamore team in 2018 as a Transaction and Underwriting Associate. After gaining a deep understanding of the credit analysis side of the business, Chris moved on to be the first Relationship Manager and now also works alongside Andreas Yianni to...

Avamore Reflects, 4 Years On
07 Nov
Avamore Reflects, 4 Years On

Avamore Reflects Avamore reflects on their recent successes. The company was co-founded by Michael and Zuhair in 2015 and they were quickly joined by both Amit and Nikolay. Since then, the business has been on an upward trajectory. Last month, Avamore celebrated its 4th birthday  and the...

06 Nov
Boyer Planning

Boyer Planning   What is the most popular reason for a planning application being declined? What can a borrower do to try and avoid this?  There is no single most common reason for refusal; circumstances and issues vary from one site to the next, depending on local political...