August 2019

Kempton Carr Croft
21 Aug
A valuers perspective

Simon Mills, Director, Kempton Carr Croft provides a Valuer's Perspective on the Industry Simon Mills shares a valuer's perspective on the indstry. Read more to see him discuss factors that developers should consider and the challenges associated with Brexit. What factors should developers consider in order to set their...

Developer Difficulties with Chartfield Homes Limited
21 Aug
Developer difficulties

Richard Potts, Director, Chartfield Homes   What are some of the greatest Brexit driven challenges you thought you would face? How have you gone about mitigating these?  Having worked as a developer for many years, (albeit as an employee) I have seen huge changes in the market; the issue for...

Securing sites, what's the challenge?
21 Aug
Securing sites, what’s the challenge?

David Marsh, Managing Director, Landsource David Marsh from Landsource shares the challenges associated with securing sites. What is the greatest challenge for developers seeking good quality land? How does this compare across different geographies in the UK when securing sites?    The greatest challenge for developers is the shortage of the...

Michael Dean
16 Aug
Michael’s Blogspot: August Feature

As part of Avamore’s commitment to transparency, once a month, a Principal is going to write a blog about the work they and their teams are doing. This month, in August's Feature, I am going to take a broader approach and talk about how our...