March 2019

land owner developer
25 Mar
The land owner, the developer and the potential shift in power

The Landowner, the Developer and the Potential Shift in Power Headlines: Brexit uncertainty is driving down GDVs, pushing up build costs and causing developers to increase profit margins A combination of these factors contributes to softening land values Whilst land agents have reported some downwards pressure,...

15 Mar
Combatting the social disconnect

Clearly, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is becoming increasingly ingrained in corporate culture. As profit generating organisations, we have a duty to help those in less fortunate positions to us. We interact with each other at work and speak to people in other businesses which can...

Underwriting ‘unwrapped’
06 Mar
Underwriting ‘unwrapped’

When a deal is presented to the credit team, it is important to share as much initial information as possible so that the lender can assess whether they are likely to move forwards and later delays can be avoided. Once the transaction is passed onto...