10 seconds – that’s all you have to impress a prospective buyer!

Typically, a buyer makes their mind up about a property within 10 seconds of walking through the door. Their first opinion is formed as they pull up outside, which doesn’t leave much time for error! For developers, the challenge comes alongside an eagerness to sell, which can often be at the expense of those all-important finishing touches.

Companies spend millions of pounds creating the right image for their products, through logo design, typeface and packaging.  For many years, the US, Australia and Canada have adopted this same philosophy for their properties, by hiring professional Home Stagers to improve the property’s appearance in the eyes of a potential buyer. For me, that makes absolute sense and this is a trend that is already taking off in the UK.

Home staging, property styling, and dressing are all popular descriptions used to explain the practise of preparing a property (and its contents), with the sole purpose of appealing to the widest possible audience, achieving the maximum price and in the fastest possible time.

Most home buyers look online before they even consider visiting their local estate agent

With buyers scrolling through pictures of thousands of homes, the way your property is presented and photographed really can make all the difference. With the growing popularity of websites such as Pinterest and Instagram, everyone aspires to have the perfect home and most people can’t resist the lure of beautifully photographed rooms filled with tasteful furniture and accessories.

With a passion for property, design and interiors, the challenge of ‘staging for sale’ captured my interest and I decided to launch Interior Edit (www.interioredit.co.uk)

My advice to a property owner or developer would be to initially conduct a thorough walk through and really establish  the needs and goals of the future buyer. Then, go on to assess the property, identify its best features and consider the best way to maximise the sales potential of the space.

With most home buyers being unable to visualise empty rooms furnished, or the potential of a cluttered and disorganised property being the final result, the first task is to clean and clear the property of clutter without stripping out the personality. Rooms need to be light and spacious as well as feeling warm and welcoming.

People are drawn to family photographs and books on shelves and often form opinions about the home and people living there based on these

The trick, surprisingly as a developer is to depersonalise the space, by making the property look stylish and inviting and allowing the potential buyer to imagine themselves living there. I try to incorporate as many pieces of the home owners’ furniture and accessories as possible.  In some properties I will supplement and enhance the overall look by adding key pieces from my large inventory of homewares sourced from England, Belgium, Denmark and France.

If your property isn’t attracting the attention that it deserves it might be time to speak to me, Interior Edit.

Why wouldn’t you invest in your biggest asset?

Author: Jane Robinson, Founder, Interior Edit


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