08 Nov THE UK Property Market – What If Trump Wins?

The 2016 battle for the White House has been one of the most acrimonious and bitterly fought presidential election campaigns in living memory Both Donald J Trump (“Trump”) and Hillary Rodham Clinton (“Clinton”) are by some margin the least popular candidates in the history of Presidential election campaigning Until only a few weeks...

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21 Sep How the sharing economy is disrupting the property sector

Summary The sharing economy includes hundreds of online platforms that allow people to turn unproductive assets into income through a better management approach New consumers’ trends and technologies in the sharing economy are likely to transform the property sector sooner than expected. Traditional leasing models and its management are likely to be redesigned There will...

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06 Sep How technology will change the property industry

Summary In 2015, investments in real estate tech startups reached a record of $1.7B. We explain the new technologies and the impact they are having on the real estate market; blockchain, cloud computing, Social Mediaand the Internet of Things, drone usage, geospatial, build information modelling, and other solutions from FinTech firms are likely...

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Summary Bridge Financing provides developers, investors and landlords with the cash injection they need in order to deal with cash flow issues or to take advantage of an opportunity in a time-efficient manner Different from regular property loans, Bridge Financing is a very fast product. Funds can be originated quickly, mainly because of...

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23 Aug The importance of Quantitative Easing

Summary Quantitative Easing (QE) is the practice of creating new money electronically and using it to buy financial securities back from banks and big corporations. This money-creation mechanism, carried out by the Bank of England, should encourage lenders to give more credit to businesses and householders, and ultimately boost the economy QE is not...

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11 Aug The UK Residential Market: what’s next?

Summary The UK residential market has faced various challenges over the past 18 months and average prices fell by up to 8% in London On the positive side, new political stability, a near-zero interest rate environment, and weak sterling will boost demand in 2016/2017 Overall, the post-Brexit uncertainty will soften slowly but sellers need...

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28 Jul The Evolution of Real Estate Debt Funds as an Asset Class

THE EVOLUTION OF REAL ESTATE DEBT FUNDS AS AN ASSET CLASS The reduction in property lending from traditional banking sources after the financial crisis created an opportunity for a range of new non-traditional lenders to enter the market. Since 2009 real estate debt funds have emerged and today form a core part of...

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