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lender broker another perspective
13 Jan
Lender to Broker: Another perspective

Gary Ellis has been speaking to us about his unique perspective on broking. With a background in lending Gary has more recently changed his focus and now works as a broker at Positive Commercial Finance. We conducted a Q&A with Gary to find out how his...

presenting your goals
07 Jan
Presenting your deals

Presenting lending opportunities can sometimes be challenging due to the complex nature of the property market and it is very important for brokers and borrowers to understand what to include in their deal summary. Furthermore, due to a lender’s size, structure, management team, processes, source...

avamore capital 2018
20 Dec
Avamore team 2018 wrap-up

2018 was a successful year for the Avamore team. Employee numbers increased and notable highlights included securing new funding lines in June 2018 enabling us to lower our rates and, subsequently closing our largest deal in Q3. The Avamore team are thinking about what 2019...

Reversing the perspective: Broker to Lender
20 Dec
Reversing the perspective: Broker to Lender

Strong broker and lender relationships are key to the success of any deal. Whilst both parties are working towards a common goal, it can sometimes be challenging to understand the needs, demands and time constraints of one another.  At Avamore, we benefit from having a unique...

22 Nov
Michael’s Top Tips for raising finance (Part 2)

Michael Primrose digs a little deeper on what you should consider when raising finance. Read his tips below and don’t forget to refer back to part 1 to gain the full overview. Don’t Rush There is no need to rush into a financing product. Analyse your options...

22 Nov
Michael’s Top Tips for Raising Finance (Part 1)

Raising the right finance is crucial to the success of your project but, with so many options out there, how do you work out what is right for you and which route is best to take? Michael Primrose talks about the search and some of...

residential development future
15 Nov
Staying ahead of the game: The future of residential development

The property sector is known for being relatively traditional and much slower to adopt new ideas, concepts and technology. There has always been demand for housing and with initiatives such as the government backed help-to-buy scheme driving supply at the lower end of the market,...

brexit potential impact
14 Nov
Examining the potential impacts of Brexit

No discussion about the future of the property industry is complete without considering the potential impacts of Brexit. With prospects looking relatively gloomy, conversation was sparked around perception vs reality and the opportunities which may arise within the next year for those that take an...

construction series v3
29 Oct
Mitigating delays

The two biggest causes of delay and unexpected costs are the weather and mismanagement. Whilst the weather is out of your control (although this could be a consideration for the start date of your project), mismanagement is something that can be mitigated to a greater...

29 Oct
Fixing your foundations

Getting the first steps right and taking great care of what goes underneath your structure is crucial to the overall success of your project. By sight, it may seem that you have fairly solid and stable ground to build on, but it is the closer...