August 2016

23 Aug
The importance of Quantitative Easing

Summary Quantitative Easing (QE) is the practice of creating new money electronically and using it to buy financial securities back from banks and big corporations. This money-creation mechanism, carried out by the Bank of England, should encourage lenders to give more credit to businesses and...

12 Aug
The not-so-hard reality of Brexit (M.Dean in Property Week)

One of our Founding Principals had an article in Property Week on the reality of the post-Brexit real estate market Read in Property Week You cannot expect to become what you need to be by remaining where you are, according to Zig Ziglar. Not so for many of...

11 Aug
The UK Residential Market: what’s next?

Summary The UK residential market has faced various challenges over the past 18 months and average prices fell by up to 8% in London On the positive side, new political stability, a near-zero interest rate environment, and weak sterling will boost demand in 2016/2017 Overall,...