July 2016


31 Jul Brexit & Avamore – a Remarkable Month

Just a quick note on the month just gone. In the UK we’ve had to: Deal with the post Brexit fall-out Deal with losing a Prime Minister Witness a very short-lived Conservative leadership contest Welcome a new PM in Theresa May Watch another Labour car crash as Jeremy Corbyn has just had a leadership challenge from Owen Smith...

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Since the end of the Second World War the UK has built on average more than 300,000 homes per year but in recent years this figure has fallen by half despite the population growing at its fastest pace since the post war baby boom. The Barker Review of Housing pointed out that...

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28 Jul The Evolution of Real Estate Debt Funds as an Asset Class

THE EVOLUTION OF REAL ESTATE DEBT FUNDS AS AN ASSET CLASS The reduction in property lending from traditional banking sources after the financial crisis created an opportunity for a range of new non-traditional lenders to enter the market. Since 2009 real estate debt funds have emerged and today form a core part of...

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25 Jul Lending Offer – What The Terms Mean

If you are a first time borrower, when you get a lending offer some of the terms may seem a bit daunting. So we’ve gone through our standard term sheet to define the key terms to explain what everything means: Borrower – that is the person or company that is borrowing the money. If...

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19 Jul Avamore Still Very Much Open For Business Despite Brexit

Amidst the short term turmoil and uncertainty in both the UK financial markets and in the UK political arena following the Brexit referendum, we felt it would be a great opportunity to explain to borrowers and brokers why we’re committed to bridge lending. Here’s some of the key reasons: 1. Speed – Bridging deals...

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